Friday, December 9, 2011

tis the season...#11

11. While You Were Sleeping

Another movie that's a little hazy when it comes to actually being a "christmas" movie, but because their christmas celebration is a big part of the story, I say it is.

I can always give or take Sandra Bullock, but I adore Bill Pullman. Maybe its because he bears a slight resemblance to Baby Boy and Carlos Costa. And maybe its because of Bill, but I LOVE this movie and I'm actually sad to put it so far down the list.

Sandy is a poor girl living in Chicago with no family and a crummy job working for the L (or the subway) on Christmas.  The man she has a crush on - Peter Gallagher and his amazing bushy eyebrows - gets pushed onto the track as the subway is coming. Sandy jumps on the tracks, saves his life and at the hospital tells them she is his fiance so she is able to see him.  However, hilarity ensues when Peter's family shows up, knows nothing about said engagement (and why would they?!) and the family takes her into their home for Christmas dinner where she meets...dum, dum, dummmm...Peter's brother, Bill Pullman.

I am telling you its so good and if you have never seen it, then you are really missing a good 2 hours.



TGD said...

This movie is a testimony to why we love Sandra (even though she has no taste in men in real life). Good choice daughter dearest!

Unknown said...

I concur with the duchess (always a good choice). This movie is excellent and reminds me that all families, not only my own, are dysfunctional. Also, who knew that Bill Pullman was sexy?

SZ said...

um why am i unknown? I'm SZ!

TGD said...

You are SZ (may I use the rap name?)and like many gorgeous young women made the wrong choice ...when selecting comment mode :) love you TGD