Monday, December 12, 2011

tis the season...#10

10. Holiday Affair - 1949

This classic was remade for Lifetime or Hallmark about ten years ago staring JAG's David James Elliot. Sigh. I love him.  But, the classic is, well, ...classic.

Robert Mitchum (Cape Fear) is a Macys-esque store clerk who waits on Janet Leigh (Psycho). She buys an excessively expensive train and then tries to return it.  He says she is a "secret shopper", which I always thought would be the perfect job for me, and somehow that was a bad thing back then. Bobby gets fired, ends up going on a date with Janet - even though she has a boyfriend - and have to watch. Its good. Trust me. And if you don't like the 1949 version, the 1996 version isn't too bad and has great eye candy.


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