Monday, April 2, 2012

a case of the mondays

Well, I don't know about ya'll, but I definitely need another 24 hours of a weekend to make it through this monday. I've been to Starbs and to the cafe downstairs for coffee and am contemplating drinking the diet sunkist in front of me. Nothing is helping. Even the thought of seeing my gym crush tonight isn't pulling me through. And on the subject of gym crush, "I Spy", I now know he works at Goldman Sachs.  Thoughts on this? Cause now I'm convinced he's a dick just like all the other Goldman guys and our love affair is now over.

Speaking of love affairs that are now over, The Killing and Game of Thrones were back for their second seasons last night. As I stated before, I didn't watch The Killing, because in the end - after the 13 miserable hours - I realized I didn't give two shits about who killed Rosie Larsen. She was obviously a tramp, running around whoring herself out for shoes and casino chips. She should know should only whore yourself out for furs, jewels or stock a lady.

Game of Thrones did a nice job of trying to bring you back into the story, but bad luck for them, I'm just over it. I was with them for the first 45 minutes, but then it all went down hill when they started eliminating any possible offspring of the king. And, in my obsession with The Wire, can anyone get over the fact that Mayor Carcetti is on this show? I only see him as that and I hated him on that show and I hate him on this show.

Mad Men was great. A fat Betty? In a pink, quilted house coat sitting on the couch eating Bugles...I loved every minute of it. I still can't decide if January Jones is a great actress or just so boring all she can do is blink and nod to come off as listening. I feel bad for her politic man...he had no idea what he was entering into. What did you think about her house furnishings? I thought they were creepy to match the exterior of the manse. And do we know what the baby Draper was named? PS - I hate the "new" Harry Crane. He needs to disappear and quick.


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