Friday, April 20, 2012

hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

While I still stand behind my assessment on the first episode of Scandal, the third episode was better than I was expecting. I'm not saying it's the most amazing show on tv or anything, but the last couple of minutes on the show I was literally saying out loud "I did NOT see that coming".

ABC ran the second episode a week early on their website which means I have completely forgotten about what I watched 2 weeks ago, but I remember not hating it as much as the first one.  Yes - there is still too much talking. Too, too much. The walk-and-talk-like-the-west-wing doesn't work so much because Kerry Washington tries to cat-walk instead of walk-walk. The camera man has to be in love with KW because his up-close-and-personal camera angles are not really flattering, more stalkerish than anything.  He also has some weird fetish about filming through a prismed glass. The new girl, who we finally learned is named Quin, is extra baggage and if ABC knew anything they should cut her immediately.

Sigh. There are good parts of the show, though I'm not sure they outweigh the bad. The A story line is always a struggle to get through. The B story line, which involves President Tony Goldwyn, however, is heating up. (Sorry, I don't actually know his show name). Whoowhee.  Maybe it's because he is deliciously hot, maybe it's because he is deliciously flawed - I don't know, but last night's episode was potus centric and I did not mind it at all.

How come when a woman loves a man she can't have it's seen as sad and pathetic. But when a man loves a woman the same way, we all say "awww...that's precious"?  Is it because men don't have feelings so when they do exhibit any human emotion all women are supposed to swoon? I'm off on a tangent, I know, but I recommend you watch the latest installment of Scandal. If not for the rug being pulled out in the last 45 seconds of the show, then watch just for the close ups of my vote for the 2012 election....President Tony. Bumper stickers and t-shirts will be available shortly.

Bunny loves President Tony
Bunny Goldwyn

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