Tuesday, April 10, 2012

and I'm back to drinking and cussing...you're welcome america

I hope everyone had a chance to break in their new bonnets and if you did pull out your seersucker (or Lilly dress), that it's back in your closet to await Memorial Day. I'm seriously not even playing on this. If I see your white pants or your Jack Rogers for at least another month, I will openly mock you. Do you hear me Filthy McNasty? Not only wearing Jacks, but white Jacks. Have you no shame?

Well now that Easter/Passover/Lent is over, life is slowly returning back to normal. My "lenten objectives" lasted a bit longer then the ill fated new year's resolutions, but in the end I broke almost all of them.  I ate red meat once ("the dump" has the best hamburgers in town). I really tried hard to lay off the swearing and hateful comments and believe I did well. My sunkist addiction has switched to diet sunkist and has been rapidly removed from my life....the same way Baby Boy has. But in the end, it was the booze that did me in (isn't it always). I think I made it 48 hours before I forgot about lent and started drinking the sweet nectar of the gods....and it was delicious.

I felt that I needed a reward for all of my good deeds and niceness of the holiday, so when I received new arrival emails from Kate Spade and Hermes this morning, I knew it was going to be a good day.  Um...well...hold that thought. I don't know if its the impending decline of the Euro or if France is scared it will end up like Greece, but Hermes has raised the prices of their scarves. RAISED....by $40. I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but when the scarves were astronomically priced to begin with, this slight raise has now pushed them over the $400 mark and I fear has pushed them out of my life. Maybe not forever, but at least until that Russian billionaire gives me a call. In the mean time let's stare, drool, and all give a collective sigh of the new spring time goodies.
Circuit 24 Faubourg
Grande Tenue

 Kate also suprised me and had this jelly goodie.  I think this might be my easter present to myself! LOVE.
Springtime Kisses

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