Friday, April 6, 2012

my lil stink pot

She's like a little black bear, but better. She speaks French and a little Spanish. She has a killer attitude, which she doesn't mind throwing around. She's "allergic" to dog food, just like I'm "allergic" to poly-blends. She has 14 different names from "stinkem" to her given name of "Rudy", but doesn't really answer to any of them because she's on her own time table. She is the most spoiled dog on earth, I love her very much and she's sick. While we've had a good 14 years together, I'm not ready to say goodbye quite yet so please send her your thoughts.


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TGD said...

Oh darling. She is absolutely lovely and the attitude comes through. I am thinking of her and you. What a great creature .. allergic to dog food... good one! Smart one isn't she.
love you