Thursday, April 19, 2012

"I don't speak common" - The Dutchess

I don't even eat at McDonald's (well, not anymore since someone told me about pink slime), but I gotta tell you this new sandwich in France is so cute, I'd eat it. McBaguette? Precious.  And fyi, the last time I was in Paris, the line for McDoos (as it's pronounced there) was out the door...and not even americans.


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TGD said...

... and neither do you, really. You have to know Common as the cultural anthropologist (redundant?)that you are. Thanks to this blog (feels like Commonese, no? Perhaps Weblog is the better choice.) I too now understand Commonese, though more like some people speak or understand French (I'm probably included in this category aussi!) I do LOVE you my dear adorable oh so talented "daughter"....TGD