Thursday, October 6, 2011

a couple more things...

1. Here ye, here ye. Prince Harry is coming to America for helicopter training. Get excited if you live in CA or AZ. He is, by far, the hottest red head out there.

2. Did anyone watch Modern Family last night. Ya'll seriously. This show killllllls me. When Cam did his Streetcar Named Desire bit, I almost fell off the couch.

3. Because of MF last night, now I'm thinking about naming my unborn daughter Blanche....though if I could get away with it I would fully name her Blanche Hollingsworth.

4. Free Agents has been canceled. SO SAD. I really liked the first episode, but last night's seemed like a chore to watch. How is Up All Night still on the air?

5. My DVR is backed up beyond belief, but I did catch Project Runway's (what happened to Andre?) Chris March's show on Bravo, Mad Fashion.  Truly creative people leave me in awe. I could have never come up with half the stuff he did.

6. I caught 15 minutes of the show after Chris', Fashion Hunters or something like that, and it was awful. The main girl was beyond vapid. I couldn't even watch the whole show.

7. Saw "What's your number" this past weekend with Anna Farris and Chris Evans. It was so bad. So, so bad. Which is why I want my new job to be a movie reader. You give me the script, put together a 3 minute clip using a diorama and some play dough and I'll tell you whether people will watch.  There is no need to waste money like this.

8. I cannot stop quoting Clueless lately.  I've hurt my back somehow and I constantly keep saying "even fabian my masseuse says I have a lot of tension in my back." It makes me feel better...its my happy place.

9. During previews for that awful movie we saw this weekend, they showed the new Footloose clip.  Christ almighty. If I was Le Bacon, I would sue.  There was no reason on god's green earth they should have remade this movie. It's a classic. Would you remake Gone with the Wind or Casablanca? No. Because that's just crazy talk.


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