Tuesday, October 25, 2011

lock it up.

There is something about attending a wedding that stops and makes you think about life. Where you've been, where you are headed...family, babies, the future. Not to be corny, but there is a line from the movie Wedding Crashers when Owen Wilson tells Rachel McAdams that the reason people attend weddings is the hope of seeing true love. "True love is the soul's recognition of its counterpoint in another." You always pray that it's "the one" for your friend, but sometimes you have this tiny nagging that you know it won't last.

The wedding I attended this weekend was perfect. In fact, I've never seen two people more content and happy with each other than Maggie and Troy. As cynical and jaded as we might become, when you witness the start of a good relationship you realize that love does exist and a glimmer of hope starts to form inside you.

Mazel Tov! to the happy couple.

Best quotes of the weekend:
"They have mini-doughnuts!" - ML
"They have mini-grilled cheese!!" - ML 5 minutes after the doughnut

And to because he wanted to make it into the blog....


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