Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's here! It's here!

Ladies and Gentlemen, after weeks of wishin' and hopin', the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book has arrived! This means that my christmas list, complete with snowman bullet points, shall be made available shortly for you to peruse/purchase.

Maybe because of the recession or maybe because of the publicity "the book" has received, this year leaves you wanting more.  The fantasy gifts are a bit blah. Right off the bat they hit you with this. For only a million dollars, you can have a water ballet, like the one seen at the Belliago, installed at your home. Too steep but like the idea, then for a cool 500gs, you can go to Vegas and create the water ballet FOR the Bellagio. An interesting gift to say the least.

Then there is the speed boat. If I lived in Italy, this would be BANK. It's very Italian Job the Mark Wahlberg edition. (sigh.)

The trip to the farm is ridiculous and petty. HELLO. These are "fantasy" gifts. I could go to a winery and spend $9k anytime...this isn't really a fantasy. Same with the Assouline bespoke library. While this is actually pretty cool, and while I love Assouline books, this isn't really in the same line with the cupcake cars.

The international flower show for you and nine friends sits atop the christmas list.  While I really could care less about the flowers, it would be nice to travel around with 9 of my friends - Switzerland, Greece, France, England. But a Gulfstream IV? For $450,000 it should at least be a V.

But the piece de resistance is Jeanie's Bottle in my backyard.  This is going to be my gift for 2011.  Where I will set it up is still unknown, but I pray that Major Nelson also comes with it.

Non-fantasy gifts: the orange Bottega Veneta bag (so major), the etro dress, the Burberry and Lanvin handbags, and this cute Marchesa dress

That's about it. A major let down from the books of the past. When Lady Lala asked today how much the cupcake cars were and I replied 10k, she looked at me dead serious and said "then why the hell don't we have a couple!" Sigh...that's my question too.


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