Wednesday, October 12, 2011

you can tell he is dirty

With every new story about Prince Harry, I become even more outrageously jealous. Why, in god's name, is he out in California and not in DC. I mean, we have helicopters too! I think it’s a government conspiracy. Somebody somewhere was worried about us meeting and falling in love and our red hair engulfing in flames and making little red headed babies and....we'll I've gone off track.

Harry landed in America and took off for San Diego.  He went to a bar where he was "a delight to serve and a big tipper". Uh...I am too, but I highly doubt that Brad the bartender would be so complimentary. The latest in royal theatrics, our boy wonder apparently saved a drowning damsel in distress. Actually, he put a towel around her, but to People mag, he is an honest to goodness hero. This alleged "Lindsey" sounds like a tramp to me. Who tells news outlets about this?  If Harry even came within an inch of me I would probably pass out. But seriously. I would gab to my girlfriends but hell if I would call up the Washington Post and tell them how he looked my way. (note: I had written something dirty here, but because we are speaking about royals and I am a lady, I deleted it).

And just so we get the full visual of Harry at a pool:
You're welcome America.

Princess Bunny von Bulow

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maria said...

Harry over Wills hands down.