Thursday, October 13, 2011

My sister, Filthy McNasty, once told me that she hated Lagerfeld Thursday.  Obviously she said this because she doesn't own anything Chanel. Because if she owned a quilted bag, she would understand.

I constantly stare at CNN while I'm sweating away the oldies on the elliptical, but of course the one time when I'm not paying attention, they show this:

A couple of things about this...ONE: Why did this nobody get to hang out with Karl for weeks? Life is so unfair. TWO: You have to admit, Karl is one funny guy. THREE: I really want that washer/dryer now. FOUR: Still dying over the KL Coke bottles. Why are they not in the states?? FIVE: Please note how they emphasize my Chanel sparkly coat I want from this year's collection. SIX: A KARL PERFUME? Two words ya'll: christmas list.


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Anonymous said...

Well then, sissy, buy me a quilted bag. Thanks!