Monday, October 17, 2011

it's just another manic monday

Oh ya'll. What a weekend. What a weekend. I need a trip far, far away. Either somewhere tropical or somewhere I can wear a cute scarf.  Should narrow my selection down, right?

I'm very depressed that I didn't make the trip down to Orlando with my co-workers this weekend for our meeting.  In hind sight, it's probably for the best. But, I've been dreaming about mexican donald duck for a week now. This little trip could have probably cured me of my travel blues and I would have been an asset on the ground, but nooooo. Deny me my Harry Potter land. Those selfish bastards.

Prince Harry is on the move again...another bar in effing San Diego, where everyone was pleased as punch to see him.  As always, he was a gentleman though he was very Zsa Zsa Gabor and asked for "no pictures please". Okay....I thought he was here to fly planes or something.  Why is he always out drinking? How do they let him just roam California? Does he have hidden security? I should be friends with him though. We'd make a great pair.

And finally, a big, huge CONGRATULATIONS!!! goes out to my friend Peed for her engagement this weekend! Holy crap ya'll...this is the THIRD friend engagement this month and sweet lil Gail got engaged last month. WTF. What is in the air?


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