Wednesday, October 19, 2011

today I'm obsessed with...

CAPES! CAPES! CAPES! I cannot get enough of them. And it's not really just today. In fact, I bought a cape last year (so ahead of the times) and did not get to utilize it as much as I wanted.  But watch gray belted cape has made its way out of the coat closet and come hell or high water, I will wear it to death.

Speaking of death...

Diane von Furstenberg hooded cape

this one is my favorite
Nanette Lapore

I love the simple elegance of the bow at the collar.

So elegant. This would be perfect for holiday parties.
Via Spiga
The leather strip gives it just a bit of edge.
I really need a black amex with someone to pay the bill. If you know anyone like this, I'm accepting applications. Thanks, the management.


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