Thursday, October 27, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things

I'm sick. I have a vicious cold that has decided to host in my body and make me miserable.  At least it could have been a stomach flu so I could lose 10 lbs. How rude.

But in the news today, there is a man that never gets sick, though if I was as rich as him I wouldn't get sick either. In fact I doubt he even sleeps. How could he? He's Karl. Yep, my pretend BFF announced this week that he was a touch bored so he's decided to do his own clothing line - this being separate from Chanel, Fendi, and Karl Lagerfeld Impulse for Macy's.  Actually, he's doing two clothing lines, because one would be so demode. The lower-priced line, called "Karl" (genius) will price between $85 to $415 while the higher-priced collection, "Karl Lagerfeld Paris," will be about $415 to $3,465. And because Karl is a giver, you will be able to purchase on Don't worry...I've already signed up for email reminders.

Oh...and let's not forget the nerd rage I had last night when I saw that the Kaiser will also do a watch line for Fossil. The sad part, they won't be out until Spring 2013. Can I even wait that long?

And to bring you (read: me) some happy today, feast your eyes on this video. How do you think I get to be the makeup girl/clothes helper-outter?

Hugs and sniffles,

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