Thursday, February 9, 2012

warren buffet pays 17% tax while the rest of us are in the 30% range. chew on that.

Happy start of NYC Fashion week! I hope to do better than the Paris fashion week on reports. But don't hold your breath.

Because I'm 170 years old, I watched CBS' person to person last night. Did anyone watch? If you didn't, I'll paint the scene. Charlie Rose, whom I now love, and Lara Logan sit back in big, comfy chairs while stars walk through their home with a camera being peppered with questions. Last night they visited George Clooney, Warren Buffet and Jon Bon Jovi. I know what you are thinking and yes, Bon Jovi IS still alive and unfortunately he DOES still live in New Jersey. Contain your retching.

First thing first, as much as I want to dislike him, I really do love George Clooney. My dislikes are mostly about his love of the wax skeleton Brad Pitt and his political views - not that he has them, but that he won't shut up about them.  He proudly displayed  pictures of he and Obama chillin' in the Oval only days after Obama had taken office (the signature read - thanks for the friendship (GAG)) and a large Shepard Fairey picture of "hope". But no matter what he says, he comes off as just a nice, down to earth, goofy guy.  And I love that he adopted a black cocker spaniel. If my black cocker continues with her attitude of "it's-too-much-energy-to-go-outside-to-use-the-bathroom-I'll-just-go-here", George might get another one on his door step and a bill to clean my sisal rug which she has destroyed.

Next up was Warren Buffet. How fucking cute is he? ADORABLE. I want to make him a pocket person and keep him on my desk. Maybe dress him up in festive holiday attire....bowties, hats, leprechan outfits. He is so unassuming and down to earth...stealing ties from his bestie, Jay Z. For his company, Berkshire Hathaway, to be trading at $118K A SHARE the offices of BH are a dump. Maybe that is why the stock is down almost $600 today...people hate ratty carpet. And his personal office is so sad looking. I mean, I know its Nebraska and all, but jeeze. Maybe he should replaced his kids photos with a nice colorful Rothko. Just saying.
I guess not all of us can have the same view I have....sigh.

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TGD (glad you're back and writing) said...

2 quick comments:
1. I replaced you with a colorful Rothko... (fake)but it's working for me.... Not really darling... I love you and you are irreplaceable!
2. You got your love for Charlie Rose (and Warren buffet) from you second mama! I hear Charlie loves the rich ladies, so start saving.
Love you tons, really!
TGD (not feeling so grande but one must just simply pretend somedays, no?)