Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm about to get really real here.

I try my best to keep this blog light and airy - mostly because that is what is in my brain. Trust me when I say it's nothing but glitter, fashion, music and tennis up there. I also try to keep it non-political, because as every good WASP is taught, you do not discuss politics, money or religion.

BUUUUUT, as we round the corner to "Super Tuesday" on March 6th, some things need to be said. And if I offend you, I apologize. I've thought about how to put this into terms that will not break any of my lenten objectives (day 2 and I'm feeling fine!), so I've decided that this post doesn't count towards those objectives.

I openly admit that this pack of republican presidential candidates is pure crap and it's embarrassing. But, if you are a republican and are seriously thinking that asshole Santorum is a viable candidate, then you need to have your head checked. First - "that asshole Santorum" is actually is true name and what he will be called from now on. Second - as many of my friends can attest, I've hated that asshole since 2003 and have talked openly about that hate. Third - he might be one of the worst people on the face of the earth. True story...and I will explain.

Living inside the beltway you become political whether you are or not. Every person that lives in DC works in politics, or works for a company who deals with politics, or knows someone from the hill. As Ronald Reagan once said, "DC is the only place where sound moves faster then light." We hear things that maybe the rest of the world doesn't hear - we see things involving publicly elected officials that others don't see. It's all in the game of politics. 

I know it sounds really shallow, but here is the honest reason I dislike the man so much. Names and locations have NOT been changed - this a true story. I worked at a republican organization that fund raises for senate candidates when I first moved to DC. That asshole Santorum would come in and make fundraising calls about once a week. He was never friendly - prick - would be the word to describe him. One day while he was coming into the building I happen to catch his eye and said hello. He literally stuck his hand about 5 inches from my face, snapped his fingers and said "I'd like a diet coke." Stunned, I kind of shook my head and looked at his fundraiser who shot me back a look of "I'm so sorry". He gently told the Senator that he would handle it, shoved him into a room and immediately headed my way to apologize for his boss' attitude. The next day, the asshole santorum returned. His fundraiser brought him over to my desk and said " you have a present for bunny?" I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP....He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a glazed doughnut. A doughnut. Out of his pocket. No napkin or anything. Just fuzz and a krispy kreme. I smiled, took the doughnut, and in front of him dropped it in the trash. I've hated him since.

Let's not forget his stance on gays (even though he had one of the gayest staff on the hill), women, abortion, the military, and the environment. Or the fact that he home schools his children. Or the fact that he wears sweater vests to look more like a "man of the people", but comes off looking like a douche. Or that his face isn't symetrical, which really bugs me. He might actually be the anti-christ. Truly he would do more damage in the White House then anyone imaginable...and this is being said as a republican.

Best night ever would be to see this post-lost-election picture re-enacted 6 years later. I hope she still has that American Girl with 'look-like-me' outfit.

Thank you for letting me rant. I will now return to glitter, fashion, music, and tennis....


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Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said about that sanctomonious ass fucker. I worked on the same floor with him for three years and that fucktard actually had the balls to close the elevator door on another Senator. I hope his kids get cancer.