Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ciao bella!

Let's see if you are paying attention. Can you tell me in which city fashion week is now in? If you answered Milan, you would be right. London went by in a flash; Paris is next (ohmygodsoexcited!). Nothing much from London give or take a couple designers - McQ (a McQueen spin off), Erdem, and Burberry. However, looking over Burberry's collection, you have to ask yourself "if it doesn't look good on the models, how the hell will it look good on me?" Lots of velvet, dark colors, cinch waists and peplum pockets. Other than the tri-colored puffy coat, I didn't have a "wow" moment.


In Milan, Gucci showed today. Oh Gucci...what will we do with you? Again, lots of dark colors and velvet, but also lots of drama. Thank god the capes are still in! And I adore some ruffles. I feel I need to conserve my fashion energy for next week's shows, so unless I find something gasp-worthy this is it for the fashion posts.



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