Monday, February 13, 2012


Tracy Reese...looks Tory Burch?
If the Fashion Week shows dictate what we will be wearing come fall 2012, get ready for a bleak pallet. I went through hundreds of pictures from the shows so far so you didn't have to. That's me. I'm a giver. Really though, if you haven't downloaded the Style app on your phone, you are missing out. Word on the street, and by street I mean catwalk, is it will be a season filled with blacks, browns, army greens and grays. Prints will also be big - lots of geometric shapes and some reds. Personally, I'm excited by the fashion on the horizon - mostly because my closet is filled with black, brown, gray, and navy already. DVF, Tracy Reese and Thakoon were the only ones to really add any color to their collections. Victoria Beckham killed it once again with her collection. It's very Parisian spy-chic. Honestly, I haven't been wowed by anything so far. Just a piece or two from each collection. Though, if you want to see a collection where every piece is spectacular, then look no further than Carolina Herrera.

Victoria Beckham

DVF chain jumpsuit

Carolina Herrera

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