Friday, February 17, 2012

breaking news

I've said many times that people who work on Capitol Hill do not have normal lives. The hours are longer, the pay is awful, and the hazards of the job are more complicated than most - anthrax, incoming planes.

In the shadow of the Capitol lies my building. As I write this post the FBI is outside in our alley. Why you might ask? Well it's because they just thwarted a MFING suicide mission to blow up the Capitol. Yes - you read that correctly. Suicide mission. Capitol. UGH...I...can't...even. Good news was he did NOT have a bomb, but he thought he did. Brief article is here if you want to read more about it.

It's almost laughable though if you think about it. Those who work in the building will tell attest that you can barely walk through security with a paper clip without getting stopped. I'm not sure how far he thought he was going to get. Bad news: Cap police will beef up security even more and become even bigger dicks.

Ugh - happy birthday to me.

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