Tuesday, February 7, 2012

karl is the king of soundbites

The man, the myth, the legend that never sleeps was the special guest editor for the Metro World News in Paris yesterday and W-H-O-A. He gives new meaning to the word "ecentric", but I still love him. If you do nothing else all day, read these quotes because there is no way in hell you could make them up.


He also had this to say, though I can't find it in the Metro:
Q: Do you have much of a sex drive?

A: No, I'm not very much interested in that. But it's not a question of time, people can make quickies you know. [laughs] If you ask this kind of question, you get this kind of answer. [laughs]

Quickies can be fun.

Good, good, good! I find you talk like Europeans. [laughs.] I think sex is an overrated subject.

But it's the French way, though.

You know, I'm not French. I'm a bloody German.

When was the last time you were in love?

I don't know. I like freedom … Relationships happen for everybody, it can never be a problem. But it's not really my main thing.
Some other gems....

*I like to be on TV but I don't watch TV. I have no time for that.
*Influence has another name, and that's called copying. You see? It's in the air, I don't know. I'm like a TV antenna.
*On why he doesn't keep pets: They die so I don't like them. The drama is I had two I really liked and after they died I don't want another one. That's too depressing. sidenote: but what about this?!
*And speaking of death:
I think it's like a sleep where you don't wake up. You don't remember before, you don't remember after. The only thing is I don't want to be seen dead, huh? So anyway, over, over. The batter is finished, huh, puft.

Karl is so prolific. He might be bat-shit crazy, but then again, aren't we all. He just has a platform to speak his mind and I love him for that. Besties for-ever!


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