Thursday, February 16, 2012

best quote I've ever heard

From Modern Family last night:
Cam: "I'm playing a new drinking game called every time I'm depressed I take a drink."

Mitchell: "That game exists, its called alcoholism."

As my impending date of my birth slowly approaches, I can totally relate to Cam's drinking game. In fact, I'm drinking right now. Shhhh...

While it is Thursday - and the last day of NYFW- the only chatter on my dear friend Karl is still the whole Adele debacle. People - the man said he was sorry. He IS sorry. Stop questioning him. He is MFing Karl Lagerfeld. Show some respect.

Speaking of fashion week, somehow I overlooked this slip on the runway at Dennis Basso's show. And since you know how I feel about DB, you should also know that I am the first one to point out his flaws. I would hate for people to know, but I would love to be the one that tells them.  This involves the model sporting the bananas orange dress I want. Seems she had a hard time walking with all of the billowing fabric. While a little embarrassing, I think the more embarrassing fact is how much I want a dress made by Dennis.

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Lady Lala said...

You know, I don't think Karl's comments about Adele were bad at all. He said she's his favorite female singer, she's gorgeous, but that she's "a little fat." Every single interviewer asks Adele about her weight so it's not like he said anything different than anyone else implied. Besides, I would LOVE if Karl Lagerfeld called me "a little fat." It sounds so cute. Compared to the rexies who model his clothes, I would take it as a compliment.