Wednesday, February 29, 2012

dresses and scarves = life

Yes, I probably should have done an Oscars recap on Monday but the people I wanted to win won, and the dresses were just okay.  I hated Viola Davis' green Vera Wang. It did not fit her right through the top and the dress was too stiff, though the color was amazing.  The one dress I did love was Gwyneth Paltrow's. You can hate all you want, but Tom Ford is classic and perfect and amazing. The only thing I wish she did have on was some sort of stud earring. Perhaps a sapphire or emerald. Thoughts on your best/worst dressed? And your thoughts on a Bunny/Jean Dujardin french-Parisian love affair? I'm kind of liking the idea....and I could eat baguettes all day long.

The Vanity Fair after party had better dresses than the Oscars, but I thought that Cameron Diaz (gag) killed it in the orange Victoria Beckham dress. KILLED IT. The color is perfect, the dress is perfect, and Cameron with her mouth shut is perfect...well she's just okay. God, why am I a redhead who cannot wear orange!

After dropping the Great Hambino, aka my brother, off at the airport for his 6 month Australian walk about, I decided to do some premature 'spring' cleaning. Anything that hasn't been worn in over a year was getting tossed. What I found in that closet was not pretty...stuff I hadn't worn in a good 6 years, things I had completely forgotten about and this was after I moved this summer and purged a boatload of stuff. But the big thing that came out of this cleanse - the realization that my scarf collection is OUT-OF-CONTROL. This is more than just the silk collection in which I found two scarves I have only worn once and completely had forgotten about. It's more the cotton, drapey scarves. You know its bad when the scarves try and break out of the closet, which is what prompted the impromptu cleaning. I have them on a hook on the closet door. After coming home from the airport, I found the over-the-door hook broken and the scarves everywhere.  What should be noted is that none of said scarves actually made it INTO the dump bag. But now I am trying to find a new way to store them so I won't forget about my babies. Especailly this Hermes baby who arrived on my birthday from a generous benefactor...

Best quote of yesterday: "Sometimes I feel like I'm Grace from Will and Grace and you are Karen Walker." - New Girl

Ohhhh, new girl, if you only knew.

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