Monday, February 13, 2012

"I passed bobby brown the other day and threw an old bag of chicken mcnuggets at his head"

SO. DAMN. SAD. about Whitney Houston right? But I don't think anyone is overly surprised. It's been a long time coming...many, many years. Can we say that Bobby was the root of all evil? I can remember when she first started dating him and the world was a gasp over their relationship. But then again, I loved him on their tv show "BOBBY!" thinking he was more of the grown up and she was a child. Do you remember the episode where he helped her....uh...evacuate her system (I will not go into anymore detail). She called that 'love'; I called it disgusting.

So what can we learn from this tragedy other than say no to drugs? Well if you are Lindsey Lohan - then pay attention because you are up next girlfriend. It's like a Dicken's novel before your very eyes Lindsey. Get the help you need. And stay far away from your mother and father. They are the ones bringing you down.

To remember Whitney in better times:

On to the Grammys...
First, I almost freaked out when I saw they were having a Beach Boys reunion. I cannot even tell you how much I love them. Would we consider that a "reunion". I definitely expected more out of them then just ONE miserable song. Whatever. I'll take it I guess.

And in usual Bunny format, I will bullet point my thoughts:

*LL Cool J as the host. What did you think? Bless his little heart, but no.
*Carrie Underwood's dress was stunning.

*Adele so adorable but her boy was not. Also, I know she was nervous, but she really should not have been chewing gum during the awards. Every time the camera flashed to her she was chomping away. Looked awful.
* I know I will get a lot of crap for this, but I'm starting to favor Chris brown over Rihanna. She's had a change of character that is not becoming. She seemed to buck the sympathy vote. But I'm glad she is no longer a red head. I hate fake reds.
*It seems that Bruno Mars and Alicia Keyes have same hairstylist and they should be fired.
*Fergie looked like a whore and that she got dressed haphazardly. If you take all that time to find a stunning gown, why in the world wouldn't you wear appropriate jewelery or, I don't know say, brush your hair.
*Kelly Carlson and the country guy seemed unsure of themselves in their duet. Do they normally sing together? Her hair was a train wreck. Seemed to be the theme last night.
*Coldplay. Eeek. Thanks Chris Martin for wearing your finest paintballin attire. Also, he sounded AWFUL live. Gwyneth's dress made up for it though. It was bananas.


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