Friday, July 8, 2011

80's flashback

Running some quick errands last night, I came across a store that's been in this shopping center for ages, but I've never ventured in. It's call "reunions" and its an antiquey-furniture store.  Some of their stuff is really cute - overpriced - but cute.  As I ventured out of the store, this guy was walking across the parking lot and I had to do a double take. Because I swear to the lord baby jesus, I had just been transported back to the 80s...not because of the clothes this guy was wearing, but because he was a dead on ringer for one Mr. Jake Ryan.

If you don't know who Jake Ryan is, then kill yourself. No seriously. Because if you have never watched Sixteen Candles, then I don't know how we can be friends. It's on my top 10 favorite movies and a movie that I quote frequently.  Any John Hughes movie is quotable, but other than Home Alone, this is my favorite movie of his.
So, back to the dreamyness of Jake Ryan.  I'm not actually sure how long I stood on the sidewalk looking at my Jake look-a-like, but I might have whispered a "goddddamnnn" and shook my head to wake from my dream.  He was wearing jeans, a flannel (yes, uh it was 95 degrees yesterday) and some wallabees.  He got into an Acura, which is a far cry from Jake's red Porsche which I desperately wished would show up to my house and whisk me away.
I smiled all the way home, and when I turned on the DVR to see what I had recorded over the past week...not only was Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead, starring a delicious and young Josh Charles, BUT Mermaids...staring Cher, Winona Ryder, and JAKE RYAN.  I swear no one knows his real name...and frankly who cares. In Mermaids, he plays the shy school bus driver who lives with the nuns.  Don't ask why, just go with it.  I'm going to have to re watch the movie this weekend and report back, but last night I was too busy with Josh (not Joshua, Lady Lala) and his handsome yellow and red bow tie in DTMtheBD.  Seriously, it's such a great movie and a hidden treasure. I found an article in the NYTimes Magazine from last month where they ran into JC at a Shakespeare in the park event, and he had to say this about his movies: ""I don’t usually watch things I do. Maybe sometimes, but very rare." That’s the sort of beauty of theater, it’s an evolving, living thing, whereas television or film, you lock it into a specific period of time ... and you’re constantly thinking about what could have been." Uh...okay Josh.  But someone please tell me what's happened to our poor boy. He looks a little coked out here:

And he is looking too skinny. But whatever, I still love him. And in the words of Willy Shakespeare, "Adieu, adieu. Parting is such sweet sorrow."

Later bitches,

Sidenote: It must be said that I didn't first watch this movie until way in the 90's, and not the original 1984 release date as I was merely a babe at that time.
Photo: Patrick McMullen


Lauren said...

Josh is the best name ever for a guy but I admit I am a little biased... And JC is probably looking a little coked out because his hipster artisty girlfriend is luring him down the wrong path. Go back to Christina Applegate Josh!!!!

maria said...

After reading this I had to look up what happened to Jake. He lives in PA! That's really close by! Married with kids but I bet he's still hot.