Monday, July 25, 2011

weekend hijinxs

I am dying laughing over the reactions of Lady LaLa's post.  Especially New Girls, because homegirl is pissed. HAHA...ahhh....still making me laugh. But uh, eek. I was a little off on the numbers of the posts.  This one makes #94. So Lala, we can try again later in the week for the big 100 (so exciting!)

I hope everyone had a nice weekend...indoors. I'm over the heat...and I'm over the weather men who keep talking about a 'cold front'.  But when that cold front is 95 instead of 105, it makes me want to punch them in the throat. With an open fist. Because that is ladylike.

My friend DS is in town for the month from Afghanistan....or what he now refers to as "home". Don't get me started.  But he is mean, bitter and hysterical - just like me - so we had a good weekend. I dragged him to Captain America 3D so we could watch Richard Armitage's 4 minutes on screen. I mean, wtf. I've been hearing all about his great character and how hard he studied for it, but if you had to go to the bathroom, you missed the whole scene. Very disappointing, but ridiculously hot even if he was a nazi.  I give the move a solid B. Chris Evans is just so brutally good looking that he makes up for the "whhhhaaaatttt??" at the end (no spoilers).

We also saw Horrible Bosses. While I thought it was super funny, I almost wanted it to be even funnier.  Charlie Day's voice started to grate on my nerves about 45 minutes into the movie, so by the end I was running for the exit. And I didn't really get why JAniston was all up in his shit.  He wasn't that cute. Actually someone in the movie called him a gerbil and that's exactly what he was.  But Jason Bateman was yum, yum, good as always.  I reallllly want there to be an Arrested Development movie STAT.

The other funny thing I have to mention...Poodle, LH, and myself stumbled into this bar Saturday night. Sitting on the bar was a punch bowl. Odd. Then there was a big man sitting at the bar with a t-shirt that advertised if you dialed a certain number, he would teach you how to drive a "big-rig". Thennnnn, I looked up and saw that the bartender was wearing an eye patch. I looked at LH and Poodle and told them that if I was supposed to behave, this was not going to be the place.  It was like a freak show. So we turned on our heels and left....and it was probably the smartest thing we could have done. True story.


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