Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's getting hottt in here...

It feels like 110 in DC today.  And I am no where near a beach or a pool.  There is something wrong with this picture. However, I am near a bar and will be drinking away the heat and the heartbreak that is my life later tonight, if anyone wants to join my pity party.

I'm back having the writers block...I seriously need a guest writer or two.  Start submitting applications STAT.  And I'll start working on my hazing.

So here are just some things I've been thinking about lately:

*What seemed like a good idea at the time (famous last words), I worked out on Sunday.  Yes, it is the lord's day and I should have been at home watching Jake Ryan movies, but no...I decided to go into an empty gym, show off to only myself, push myself more than I should, and do these sit ups I found in some magazine.  I guess the sit ups worked, but every laugh, every turn, every deep breath in feels like someone is sitting on my stomach. If it wasn't so damn painful, I would have done them again this morning.  But I couldn't. I just couldn't.

*Did anyone happen to watch Jersey Housewives this past Sunday?  Am I the only one who is over this show? I just can't stand the ridiculousness of their lives.  And Melissa's singing makes me want to vomit, but I kind of dig that song.  The gem was the after show on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen...except this week it was Jay Mohr hosting.  Holy bananas yall. It was the funniest 30 minutes I've watched in a long time.  If you didn't see it, find it and watch immediately.  His guest were Kathy and her Jeff Goldblum husband, Rich.  Honestly, it made me die and Bravo needs to hook Jay up with his own show ASAP.

*I ended up watching Mermaids this weekend.  I had forgotten about 80% of the movie and really only cared about Michael Schoeffling's part (see! I do know Jake Ryan's real name), but it was a cute movie.  I forgot how adorable Christina Ricci was at 8 years old and I forgot that Jake Ryan and Winona Ryder hooked up in the bell tower....it was a hot 3 minutes. Oooh lord.  Anyhow - it's not necessarily rent worthy, but if its on HBO definitely watch.

*Thoughts on the Beckham baby name? Harper Seven.  I actually like it. Sue me.  If I had a baby girl, I would name her Georgiana or Carolina (pronounced like Herrera - Carooleeena).  I like interesting names...and let's be honest, no one is calling her Seven.  Can you imagine what this baby will be dressed like?  If Posh was smart, she would start a maternity and baby line in addition to her amazing clothing line. Just saying.

*I'm lost without tennis on.  When is the next match? And why the hell doesn't the tennis channel come with comcast?

Wish I was somewhere else, jamming out to this:
Stay cool yall.  And if that means hiring a hot pool boy to spritz you with evian spray then do it.  And now I'm taking applications for that pool boy...

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maria said...

Just added Mermaids to my netflix queue. I remember loving this movie. No more Jersey housewives for me. I can't take it.