Friday, July 8, 2011's pretttttty

To the 4 straight men who read this blog, I'm sorry, but I'm doing another post about dresses (and another one after that). Sorry I'm not sorry.  This time it's the Giamballista Valli show and if you are a girl who wears classic clothes, then this show is for you.  I texted someone last night with the link to this show and said "kill yourself, because this show will make you commit suicide because you are poor and can't afford these clothes."  And it's true. Every single one of the outfits is near perfection and had I been at this show, I might have openly wept. I'm also pretty stoked that I bought a shirt this weekend with little petals all over it like the coat on the last row....and that capes are back in.

Feast your eyes ladies:


Photo:, Yannis Vlamos /

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