Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The End of Harry Potter

I don't know if I can bring myself to watch the final movie, because then it will finally be over.  Yes, I read the books and I know what happens, so basically I know that it is over. But it's just so sad. I mean, we've watched these babies grow up into real people...and whoa what a ride. Holler at your girl, Malfoy!

Let's do some then and nows shall we?

Harry Potter:


Wow. Just look how adorable that kid was...and now, he takes his clothes off on Broadway and gets it on with a horse. Sure. Okay.
Ron Weasley:

No matter how many times I see him, he is always disheveled and looks to be a bit of a stoner. But I do love his red head.

Hermione Granger:

Ya'll Hermione is not a girl, not yet a woman. But I love her 'fuck-you' hair.

Draco Malfoy:
LORD.  I was reading an article in WSJ today about how excited Tom (Draco) is that he will be able to go into the sun and not have to dye his hair.  Ohhhh Tom. Trust me when I say, the dye will get the girls every time.  I also like his brief cameo in Get Him To The Greek.

Neville Longbottom:

GODDDAMNNNN Neville. Guess all that time in Herbology did a body good. Give me a call sometime.


PS - A big shout out to the "new girl at work" who helped me drink my blues away late into the evening. After she told me that she thought I hated her the first 3 weeks she worked her, I think she may have to be spared from the Burn Book this week. But just this week. Why do people think I am so mean?? I feel that I'm the nicest damn person in the world. Yes, I have been called "the meanest mean girl of all the mean girls"...a title I wear with some honor, but seriously yall.  The restraint I showed alone last night not telling this White Bread girl that she needed to cut the string on her suit coat, was award winning. Seriously, I should have won an oscar. I'm just saying.

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New Girl at Work said...

I'm happy that I could help you drink and "stare" your blues away last night!! And I'm happy that I'm spared from the Burn Book...well, at least for this week.

--New Girl at Work