Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse RIP

If you havent seen or heard, singer Amy Winehouse died today. Cause of death is "unknown", but i think we all know what she died from. And because of that, I am angry. I am angry that at 27, her life is over. I am angry that I will never get to hear a new song, because she really was talented. Her song "back in black" was played on repeat for weeks on end in the car. She was a mentor to my new British fave, Dionne Bromfield, who is being touted as a "new Amy". I am angry that she didn't care enough to take opportunity after opportunity to help herself. And that's just plain selfish.

So Amy, I hope you know that you were loved and i hope you are in a better place. Full of cocaine wishes and alcohol dreams.


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maria said...

Awful waste of such musical talent. Very sad.