Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm so tired. So, so tired.

Hello punkins! I hope everyone had a lovely and safe July 4th and that you all got some view of a firework or two. I don't know about ya'll, but I am exhausted. Laying by the pool, getting burned really takes it out of you.

It was a very busy 3 day weekend. Wills and Kate are flitting all around Canada, being utterly adorable. The way they look at each other just makes my black heart melt. And Kate with the clothes! Damn this girl. 1. everything she wears is amazing and 2. she is so skinny it makes me jealous. Seriously...look at these two outfits...
Alexander McQueen sweater dress; Erdem dress

Another royal wedding happened this weekend...Prince Albert of Monaco got married. Ya'll know Prince Albert, right...The son of Princess Grace...the one who can't keep it in his pants to save his life...the one who has illegitimate kids all over Europe? The one that has a pierced penis named after him? Yeah. Him. Well he found this poor girl, Charlene, who is beautiful but seems quite sad. And with the name of Charlene, who wouldn’t be sad? It reminds me of the character off Designing Women. Anyhow...apparently poor Charlene is not what Monaco thought of for a new princess. She's been kept hidden in the castle for months and has been ridiculed that she doesn't speak french. Now, there are new allegations that she tried to run away 3 times in the past 6 months...the last time just days before the wedding when royal officials tracked her down and took her passport. She kept referring to the marriage as an "arranged marriage" and apparently has to produce a male heir and stand by PA no matter how much he screws around. And she cried through the whole wedding. How freaking sad. Part of me smirks at her lifestyle and the fact that she is trying to run away, but most of me feels bad for the poor girl. She is now princess to a country that dislikes her, her husband is a ugly fuck who will sleep with anything, and she is trapped far from home. But she does have a ton of money...and if she were smart she would use that money to intoxicate herself and to buy really hot pool boys.

Celebrities at their wedding: KARL LAGERFELD (sigh), Naomi Campbell with her Russian hottie boyfriend billionaire Vladislav Doronin, President Sarkozy, Roger Moore and Karolina Kurkova.

Not there...Kate Moss.  And do you know why?  It's because she was spending a MILLION dollars...cause she was getting married too! And in the worst dress I've ever seen, though it was created by ex-Dior designer, John Galliano. Apparently, Kate being the sweet thing she is, moved up her wedding a day so to accomodate her friends attending both weddings.  How nice.

Naomi was also at her wedding (this jet setter here...), Sadie Frost, Jude Law, Stella McCartney, John Galliano, and Daphne Guiness.  Oh and the Vogues were there...Anna Wintour, Emmanuelle Alt, and Carine Roitfeld. Kate definately wins for the best guests.  Imagine that party.

Ok...well I think I caught up with all the fashion and fireworks I can stand for a day. But I will leave you with a picture of PA's and Charlene's cake. Please refrain from oooo-ing and ahhhh-ing, because it's tres tacky.

Planning my royal wedding...to Harry....

PS - the spell check didn't work today, so sue me if I misspelled anything.

Photo credit: Getty Images, UK Daily Mail, xposurephoto.com


Anonymous said...

Hmm. I thought prince Albert was gayer than San Francisco. He has been doing a good job "faking" it if he has spawned all over Europe. Well done!
I'd love to know where Kate got her navy pumps. I've been looking desparately and need help. Needs to have about the same look and heel please.

maria said...

love love love that sailor dress of Kate's! did you see her in those skinny jeans? love her. and i need those navy pumps too. prince albert...blahhhh.