Tuesday, September 13, 2011


You know what's frustrating? Target.

I've been talking about the Missoni line for Target for weeks now...waiting excitedly like a baby at christmas.  And the goddamn site goes down.  Um, hello - did you not think people were going to buy this? It was a national campaign with television ads, print ads, and a spread in Vogue that probably made Anna Wintour furious.

When you can get the site to pull up, most everything is sold out including the shoes I've been lusting after for a month.  The only thing not sold out is the patio furniture - which I'm taking as a sign from god.

So, if you are a lucky one that has made it on and the site is allowing you to put things in a 'shopping cart', do this girl a solid and add a silk scarf.

First Rafa loses, now this.  What have I done to deserve this?  I knew I should have called out sick today to go shopping.


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