Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"teatherball is for poor people"

Oh lord ya'll! Rachel Zoe is back! And I, for one, couldn't be happier. When the Open canceled play due to rain last night, I was wondering what the hell I was going to do and then I remembered the Zoe. DEAD.

It's the start of season 4 and the producers basically made us hit the ground running.  There was a little recap but within the first five minutes we find out that gasp! Rachel is preggers and gasp! Brad left. Let's talk about the first gasp! Not only is she knocked up, but we find out that she is 6 months pregnant and it looks as if she's only gained 10 pounds. But that's fine, because for the first time in awhile,  I think she looks healthy. Her face seems to have filled out a bit and its not so droopy. But that might not be pregnancy as much as it is botox.  She seems happy and has a glow that only a mother could have.  But her excitement is definitely over shadowed by Rodger.  Last season the only words Rodge could say were "baby, baby, baby" and he finally got his wish.  And he is beyond thrilled. BEYOND. No hairspray for Rachel's famous coif because she might inhale and kill the baby...Rachel needs to keep her feet up (and did you notice she was wearing flats!)...Rachel shouldn't work so hard.  I don't know how Rachel does it - working and living with Rodge, because as cute as he is, I would have killed him already.

So Brad left. Sad. But truth be told, he was starting to irk my nerves last season.  It never seemed as if he did any work except boss poor Jordan around. So the story goes that he sat R&R down and told them the styling life was leaving little time for his personal life and he wanted to find a new direction.  Of course R&R understood this and were okay with his choice. Then (dah dah dahhhhh) they find out he lied and not only is he styling, but he's stealing clients from Rachel.  Don't quote me on this, but I think he stole Demi. Does that sound right to anyone else? It was either her or Jennifer Gardner, but if you've seen JG lately, you know her only stylist is Dress Barn.

The hunt is on for a new assistant...and they interview 2 people.  In a town as big as LA with people dying to work for RZ (me! me! me!), how do you possibly only interview 2 people??  One girl who was cute as could be - like a young rachel, who knew about styling and brands, and an adorable gay with no real fashion experience.  The gay won...because he had a "sunny disposition" (a term which I will be using non-stop). Is it me or did Jeremiah have a bit of a heroin eye?  And who wears a chambray shirt to an interview? I loved his expressions watching R&R interview him.  They both have gone round the bend. But he is totally adorable and I will enjoy watching him this season. 

I made two notations while watching the show last night:
"Mandana = crazy Persian." and "Holy bananas. I want to buy a house from realtor Fred."

Shut. It. Down,
XO Bunny


La Grande Duchesse said...

It does not equal crazy Persian. Some people might even say (though not live to tell:)) that the first observation is redundant. Your second mother is very cross with you, so cross she has reverted to her English English and cannot say angry!!! Consider the emerald ring gone.
kisses nonetheless
TGD aka Madonna with an "n" before the "d" and not crazy... no matter what they say.

Fancy Nancy said...

Brad's a whore. Hate. Him. Officially.