Tuesday, September 20, 2011

bits and pieces

The pain of Josh Charles and Louis CK not winning emmys, made me so depressed yesterday I couldn't even blog about it. Just kidding - work got in the way.

So while I am a day late, what did everyone think of the emmy's? Personally, I thought it was a snooze fest. Sue Sylvester was not funny (except that one line about why she was a lesbian and then introduced the cast of entourage. THAT was funny.) and her outfits were awful. Also, to point out, The Killing won nothing. I was super excited about that. See, AMC, even the emmy voters hated your stupid show.
I made some notes while I was watching the red carpet. Take them for what its worth:
"Elizabeth Moss - interesting but please wear some color"
"Lea Michelle - please die. cute dress"
"Melissa McCarthy - love the color, but too weird texture on skirt"
"Josh Charles - sprayed tan within an inch of his life. Girlfriend cute"
"Juliana Margulies - w.t.f. with that dress. it looks like dew drops on the front"
"Uh Gwyneth, FYI, you're missing half your dress"

In my never ending quest to watch new fall tv so you don't have to, I found a show I think I might be in love with. It's "Free Agents" on NBC (Wednesday 8:30pm). I couldn’t tell if I just thought it was funny (a la Happy Endings) or if others agreed, but my friend C said she thought it was funny too, so I think we found a winner. Backstory: Hank Azaria (who has obviously been working out) stars as a recently divorced PR guy who sleeps with his co-worker who is dealing with the death of her fiancĂ©e. There were so many funny parts of the show and I found myself laughing out loud for most of the show. Definitely watch!

I tried watching Will Arnett's new show, Up All Night, because I loved him in Arrested Development, but it's a no-go ya'll. Even with Maya Rudolph it's just not funny. At all. Backstory: Will and Christina Applegate star as new parents who can't believe they are parents. He - a stay at home dad who plays hockey on the play station.  She - a working mom for an 'oprah' like character. Even the plot isnt funny.

Because I like pretending I'm still in my late teens, I watched the CW's Secret Circle. I'm not even ashamed to admit that I really liked it.  Ok...well, a tiny bit ashamed. I'm going to see how the second episode goes before I give it a yea or nay. Backstory: Blonde girl's mom has a terrible "accident" where her house caught on fire. Girl is then sent to live with grandmama whom she barely knows. 5 kids immediately befriend her and then tell her the secret - they are witches.  Yes, I know it sounds like The Craft or something, but it's pretty good.

I taped Playboy Club and something else last night.  Anything else I should be taping?



Lady Lala said...

Elizabeth Moss: This is not 1779. Please remove your Martha Washington wig. Thank you.

Lady Lala said...

Also Bunny sounds like you missed the Castle premier. Too bad for you. Guess I get Nathan Fillion to myself.