Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I'm trying to work my way through the DVR as fast as possible and in what I consider to be a feat of nature, I watched Glee, NCIS, Ringer, Castle (the last 10 minutes) and the New Girl all last night. As my father says, there are 24 usable hours in every day.

When we left off last season, Decetive Kate Beckett had been shot at her corrupt boss' funeral. Castle begged her not to die because he loved her.  This season, she is being rushed to the ER, where her weird but hot surgeon boyfriend just happens to be on call in the ER. His acting is the pits. So its a good thing they brake up during the show. Kate is fine (obvi) and returns to work to search for her mother's evil killer. But Castle, who has been kicked off the police force for not being a cop, is resolved to find her killer and make Kate love him.  It was an okay season opener.  This show doesn't have a lot of substance, but keeps me entertained.

I obviously missed a couple episodes or something, because I was completely lost. What happened to Quinn? Why is her hair pink? And because its pink that makes her a punk? What happened to the kid with the lips? idk. It's official that I hate this show. It used to be funny and dark. Now its all I love everyone and I shit sunshine and unicorns. The songs are corny and I hate, hate, hate Lea Michelle.

The New Girl:
Um...okay...I see what you were trying to do, but no. If you have turned on a tv or read a magazine or rode a bus then you have seen the boucoup amount of ads for this show.  I don't personally like Zooey Deschanel so that hinders my ability to like the show.  But its a cute premise. I'll probably watch the second episode and I'll see from there. Hate the title though.

No green screen this episode! All in all I thought it was pretty good. There are a lot of questions that need answers. Bridget is slowly but surely working her way in to Sioban's life and I would too with the closet of Hermes scarves. The dead body that Bridget tried so hard to hide (read: left under a painters cloth, packed in a trunk) disappeared. Who took him? Where did he go? What's up with her best friend with the red hair and her cheating husband? I don't know that I'm 100% into this show, but I'll stick around for the third episode.

I've got things to do, people to see tonight, but we'll see what ends up on the DVR.


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