Monday, September 26, 2011

ya'll - she is not that "good"

Well, well, well. I know you all were on pins and needles waiting for the Good Wife to return last night and boy did it ever. We start the new season in new office space - it looks like the old office but Dianne got new furniture and Alicia is moving on up. No more basement office for her. FYI - I really like Dianne's new chairs. Other things that are new: Alicia's weird new hair cut and Eli is now a part of Lockhart Gardner. Thoughts about Alicia's hair?  It was distracting. Was it a mullet? Was it fashion wings with bangs?  It really got on my nerves towards the end of the show. 

When we last left off, Alicia and Will were about to get it on. The writers faked us out a bit with the coy glances and the push back from Will. I thought for sure Alicia had done something to push him away, but then we see them in Will's apartment hallway, biting, kissing, doing the dirty up against the wall and America gave a scream of relief.  It was a pretty hot sex scene, no? I'm not really sure what the B story line was about - something with jews and muslims and video games- I only cared about W&A. I only know that Galinda is still wearing those effing boots, Alicia's saint routine is irking me and that I hate Carey more than ever...and we're only on episode one. Eeek.


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