Thursday, September 8, 2011

am I hallucinating or do I live in Seattle?

It's been raining for days. 4 days to be exact and I feel like I live in Seattle instead of DC.  I wouldn't mind it so much if it would just let up for 20 minutes so I could make a starbucks run. I haven't seen my hottie barista boyfriend, Josh, in almost two weeks and its killing me...and I would really like some coffee.  Sometimes I sit at my desk and daydream that maybe Joshy-poo will magically arrive at the office with a grande caramel frap just for me.  And perhaps a coffee frap for Lala, but this is my daydream, so I normally just think about me.

Our favorite coffee man is a cross between Marky Mark circa 1995 and Jesus from True Blood. He's totally adorable, but has this "yo, yo, yo" vocabulary that is a bit of a turn off. I have this image that he is paying for his Georgetown Law degree by working at starbs, but others think maybe he is working to pay for his GED prep. Whatever. Haters going to hate.

Speaking of hotties, after a two day rain delay, we've got tennis.  Which means I've got Rafa and that makes me happy.  Did you know you can watch live on It even has a pictre-in-picture function which helps a lot because there are four major matches on right now.  My boy is playing Muller, who didn't think he would even make the cut off into the Open, so he didn't book a hotel room.  Yes, he has made it pretty far, but let's be honest - he won't beat my boy.  And because of the rain delay, they will have to play straight through to Sunday.  So I think it would be really great of Muller if he just resigned so Rafa can rest.

Someone pass that message along please.


PS - Happy start of Fashion Week! I'll start perusing the shows to bring you the "best of" soon!

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New Girl said...

The rain must really be getting to you because you're now blogging about Starbucks Guy!! You need sunshine STAT!