Friday, September 16, 2011

this just in...

A letter to the white house crashers/ former real housewives of DC "stars" (and I use "stars" very loosely).

Dear Michaele and Tariq Salahi:

No one cares about you.  No one cares that you are getting a divorce.  No one believed for a second that there was a kidnapping. No one would be stupid enough to do that - 1. you have no money and 2. you are creepy, weird, and annoying. 

And Michaele, Journey? Really?  Next time try to be a groupie of a band that isn't from 1984.

Please move to the West Coast and disappear from life. Both of you. Immediately.



TGD said...

Darling... You are SO your second-mother's daughter. I couldn't agree more except that I don't even want to acknowledge such plebes. Really the likes of these creatures is why I'm not champing at the bit to get a little cottage in Mid-burg. The place seems to be over-run with trashy trophy wives and tacky tacky people.

On another note darling I spoke with New girl and suggested her name should be changed to hussy (somehow I've always loved that moniker... it reminds me of the era of "dame").... so what do you think of old hussy-new girl as her new name? She is rather contrite by the way but just can't seem to help her hussy self.

maria said...

I seriously hope their 15 minutes has run out because they are seriously annoying and meaningless.