Thursday, September 8, 2011's thursday

I've missed a couple of "Lagerfeld Thursdays" but not because I wasn't thinking of him.  It's because my days all seem to blend together.  I found this gem today from Karl and thought I would share this article from Huffington Post. Please read it because he is just so damn funny.

"I love DSK. I love his wife. They are great people and when they came back to Paris I sent them flowers. But you know, for people in politics, it's very embarrassing. On the left they had hoped he wouldn't come back, because I think other people want his job. And on the other side…but even in America, Clinton survived his blow job. [All politicians] get horny from politics, from power. And he had unbelievable charms. He is really charming. He's fun, he's great. He's a sweet guy—as long as you're not a woman. That's the problem."

HA! Yes, Karl, that is the problem. And he's right about politicans being horny off of power. Tim Ryan - call me, umk?
For a rainy day Thursday, some fun YouTube videos:

I love this guy and his impression of Chloe Sevigny. If you have ever seen her, then you know this guy is dead on.

And this guy as the "sassy gay friend" is also amazing:
Both guys have multiple youtube videos...check them all out.

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