Monday, September 12, 2011

"no one likes an angry bunny"


The words to live by are courtesy of True Blood last night.  And that sentence is about the only thing good to come out of the whole season.  I've tried to stay away from writing about this show, not only because I feel I've been so down on every show lately, but because the show makes my head hurt. But this...this is just ridiculous.  I admit that after season one I was hooked.  Season two came along with that crazy matador lady and Eggs and while I watched, I couldn't have cared less.  Season three brought the werewolves and Russel - the vamp king of Louisiana and his gay lover (who I thought was the best character last season).  Season four brought it brought some serious interior designs inspirations to me.

Petunia Dursley as Marni was a stupid plot line and she should have been killed off episodes ago. The Wiccan story line was also stupid. Jesus as a demon = stupid. Poor Layfayette being entered by ghosts and killing his boyfriend = sad AND stupid. Debbie getting back on V - who didn't see that coming, but I did not see the ending coming. I hate Tara and am interested where this story line is headed, but if she comes back next season I'm going to be pissed.

I think Pam said it right when she said "what the hell kind of name is Sookie?" The only thing I loved about the show this season was King Bill's house...and Jason and Jessica.  How hot was Jessica when she showed up as Little Red Riding Hood? I found my costume for halloween!

In other news, did anyone watch tennis this weekend? With all the 9/11 coverage, tennis was the only 'feel good' thing on - except the Federer match. close and so heartbreaking. I was really pulling for him.  Rafa plays today at 4pm - so my work day ends at 3:59pm. Please cheer for him and think happy thoughts as he goes up against Djokovic (who he's lost to 5 times this year). The next couple days are going to be bananas for me, so I'm apologizing for the MIA status already.


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