Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's my jam...

Hello, my name is Bunny, and I am addicted to itunes.  If this was a drug addiction, I would have OD years ago.  I once added up all of the money I've spent on music and it made me cry a bit. But never-the-less, it hasn't stopped me from purchasing hundreds more, mostly because I get bored of my music. Not only do I have a regular play list, but I have an AM workout and a PM workout play list - because the morning songs need to be so much harder and faster to get me excited (yes...I said songs). And because I'm always looking for new music, I want to know - what's on your ipod that I should have on my ipod?

I'm still listening to Bon Iver and his melancholy symphony of tears and misery and have added some Cary Brothers - Blue Eyes and The Glass Parade are my favorite.  I also downloaded the new David Guetta album for the gym. Ehhh...its okay.  I also downloaded some songs from the Kanye West/Jay-Z album that are good, an old Madonna song that Guetta mixed called "revolver" and a baller new Flo Rida song "good feeling".  Yes - I listen to Flo Rida and there is nothing wrong with that.

I wish I could say I was "good feeling" or feeling good, but thanks to the person formally known as "new girl" she destroyed my day, my life, and my dreams.  Congratulations.


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maria said...

no help with new workout music but I MUST have my Marley for helping get to my zen place and I LOVE having the soundtrack to Forest Gump on while I'm reading. I did hear that Brit Brit is coming out with a new mix CD soon.

take it easy on new girl. you're crushing her spirit!!!!! (ok, a little dramatic but still).