Wednesday, September 21, 2011

he knows if you've been bad or good

A chill is in the air, it's officially fall. This can only mean one thing - christmas is coming. Yes, yes ya'll. There are only 94 shopping days left.  Have you started making your list?  Like a good little girl, I usually hold off making "the list", until the official book - the Neiman Marcus Christmas book - tells me what I need.

When I was just a tiny little babe with an extreme lack of a budget back in 1997, the book arrived mysteriously one night and filled my hopes and dreams.  The NM edition Mercedes g-wagon taped to my wall reminding me what was really important in life.  The next year it was hard to decide between the hedgerow maze NM would install in your back yard or the adult size tree house (tree house obvi). 

I also adored the life-size look like me Lego statues. It took weeks of leaving them lying around the house with post it notes before my parents told me to get a grip.

Last year, the book was scaled down...probably due to the economy...but I did find an adorable house boat which would have been an acceptable present. I can see myself now, sipping chocolat chaud, lazily staring at the tour de eiffel on the river seine.  Le sigh...

But, hands down, the best gift ever was the motorized cupcake cars. I am still jonesing for one! Can you imagine rolling around the neighborhood in one of these? DEAD. I want the one with the purple bottom if anyone is in a generous mood.

So get ready, because its only a matter of time before the end-all, be-all of christmas books arrives, and the commencing of writing "the" list begins.

Having visions of sugarplums and baby boys,

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