Thursday, September 15, 2011

a year older, a year wiser

I was a horrible friend this week.  Two important men in my life had birthdays and I didn't properly celebrate it by writing about it. 

First up, celebrating his 78th birthday on September 10th, Karl Lagerfeld.  Karl tweeted yesterday, "Even a golden iPad (that exists) will never give the same pleasure to the reader as a beautifully bound book. Expensive books enrich us." Happy Birthday Karl! May you live another 78 years to keep me entertained.

a young, svelte Karl.
Second, my most favorite man in the world, my Poodle had his birthday on September 12th.  I would tell you his age, but like a lady, he never reveals the true number.  Happy birthday my love!

If poodle and I had grown up in Jersey and had both been girls.
Speaking of yankee ladies, Dennis Basso premiered his show yesterday and it was BEAUTIFUL. Dennis has been a long time nemesis of mine, so for me to heap praise on him you know the collection must be good. Dennis is known for his amazing furs.  If you are a member of peta then just pretend they are fake.

I love anything navy. This dress with the fur stole is beautiful.


Photo: Marcus Tondo

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