Wednesday, September 28, 2011

armani loves plums

Paris fashion week has started and in honor of that, I give you a brief recap of Rachel Zoe from last night. I missed last week's episode, but I'm sure it was all about "babe, baby, and joey" because that's what every episode is about.  It used to be that this show was about fashion and the celebrities that RZinc. dressed. But now the show has turned into Rachel Zoe television diary.  Not that she isn't beyond interesting - because she is - but I miss the dresses and I miss the celebrities.  Kim Kardashian doesn't count. I also miss that Rodger, "Rodge", had his own job and his own life and wasn't constantly all up in RZ's business. But those days are gone...

RZ tells you every 2.3 minutes that she is preggers. Knocked up. Bun in the oven. I keep thinking that maybe its the way the show is edited, but I honestly believe that she forgets and has to be reminded every 2.3 minutes that she is, indeed, pregnant. She also works a lot. Like, oh my god ya'll, A LOT. And she reminds us of this every 7 seconds.  So between being pregnant, working a more than full time job, telling everyone she is pregnant and working a full time job, the girl is exhausted.

If only she could just relax. She needs to calm down and relax. Not worry about anything and relax. And this is what Rodge tells us...over and over. There is a constant theme of repetition in this show. But Rodge throws all of that to the wind because he and his boyz are reliving the Hangover and doing Vegas big. Other than all his talk of RZ and the baby, Rodge and his boyz look like they would be fun to party in Vegas with. Yes? I mean, private jets, hot friends, suits at the Palms, presents from Hermes. Sounds like a pretty amazing 24 hours.  Homeboy can drink. I was seriously impressed.

Is anyone else annoyed by Joey? Other than Jeremiah? Joey has become super over the top this season and he reallllly needs to cool it with the botox. I need his forehead to move just a bit.


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