Friday, September 30, 2011

a couple of things...

* First and most important: can someone please make Olivia Palmero disappear? She's been in NY society since before "the city" and has never changed her image.  Her background is suspect and now she is starting her own website.  The only thing she has going for her is her hot boyfriend and I'm pretty sure she pays him to hang around.

* If you love classic, preppy clothes please check out the Christian Dior show during Paris fashion week. MAJOR. BANANAS. DEAD.

* FLOTUS (Michelle Obama) stopped by an Alexandria Target to do a bit of shopping. I don't really mind this because I already fine-tooth combed the bitch for Missoni and found nothing. But, this Target is already over crowded at best and now that people know MO stopped by, I can imagine it will be a nightmare.  Thanks a lot.

* I haven't even seen the show "Whitney", but I hate it.  She's making people think that Whitneys are not funny and we all know that is NOT true.

* Shows to set your DVR to record for the season: Revenge, The Good Wife, The Secret Circle, Modern Family (natch), Happy Endings (its back!!). 


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