Monday, May 9, 2011

It's just another manic monday...

Oooooh lord, children. My nerves are already shot and this week is going to be nasty. And that's even if I don't kill any of my co-workers. Stay tuned...maybe I can blog my mug shot.

Let's do a quick recap from the tell-ee-vis-zzz-on (say it french like) because it needs to be said.

Game of Thrones: You need to get your act together. Second boring episode in a row. No one even believes for a minute that the midget tried killing that kid. True story.

The Killing:
Dear The Killing,
W.T.F. Where in the world are you taking this story line? Muslims? Secret notes? Mohammad? FBI? We have now entered the DTR - define the relationship - stage. You need to tell me what your thoughts are or we might be breaking up.

No, seriously let's discuss this. Did anyone really understand what happened last night? One, I hate Richmond's girlfriend. I don't get her. She's not hot and that sex scene was disturbing. And I think Richmond is a weirdo too. All that lead up about his dead wife, and we find out she was killed in a drunk driving accident? WTF.
Girl cop (as she is called around here) missed her flight AGAIN to marry her uber-creepy boyfriend. Sorry I'm not sorry. Viewers get that she is really caught up with this case to be bothered by anything, other than teaching her son some paint balling skillz, but this story line of will-she, won't-she is boring me. I also don't understand her apprehension about hot boy cop (again, official name). I think he is so funny and totes adorable, but a little hot headed. But aren't most men? She needs to back up off of him.
And the poor parents, who really deserve an emmy for their acting, are still miserably sad. I'm loving the dad, Stan, more and more. But mama Mitch needs to lock her shit up. Now she is following around the teacher? Bennett Ahmad has to be involved somehow, because if they have him in 7 episodes and he isn't remotely related, I'm not going to be happy.

Things they still need to tell us:
What's up with Mitch's sister and Jasper's father? We did see her mother bad talking her. What was that about? Commenting on her non-social social life?

There are just too many pieces in the air and I'm not sure how everything is going to be wrapped up.




maria said...

#1 - don't kill anyone here. Not worth it.
#2 - "totes adorable" makes me smile.
#3 - The Killing needs to lose the muslim suspect angle FAST.

Bunny said...

I agree with #3. This isnt October 2001. And I'm sick of seeing the terrorist activities plot. They need to go back to the original story.