Sunday, May 1, 2011

Well DC is the Hollywood for ugly people

The 2011 White House Correspondent's Dinner...other wise known as the bane of my existence.
For years, and I mean YEARS, I have been dying to attend this dinner. DYING. And every year I am thrown by the wayside for some celebrity. Like the Jonas Brothers. Or Kim Kardashian. Or Justin Bieber. Or Donnatella Versace. Now I dont mind not being invited for Donnatella, as my restraining order doesnt allow me in the same...well lets say building as her. Its a long,painful story. I dont like to talk about it. Unless I'm drunk. PS - does that picture of Michele (above) make her look like a drag queen to anyone else?
While I appreciate that celebrities have their own sense of fashion, this is not really the event to showcase it. This is an event that the President attends, speaks at, and supports the people who cover him daily in press situations. Your dress should be long. It should be conservative as you are in DC - the capital of blue, black, and grey suits. ScarJo I am talking to you. This wasnt some garden party. Obviously you sleeping with nasty Sean Penn has done something to your brain. Just thinking about it makes me gag...and everyone knows I love a silver fox.
Jon Hamm. I love thee. But I have never understood your fascination with Jennifer Westfeld. Her movies suck, she is a bad actress and she cant dress. Its like the perfect storm of awfulness.
So cute...they make me sick. Stephen Moyer, why are you so wrinkled?? What the hell happened to your tux? Anna looks simple and plain like always.

Ugh. Please move to some war zone. Permanently.

Someone please tell me why Paula Abdul was invited? Did she do something this year other than take a mass amount of prescription pills? If that was the reason she got an invite, I should be invited every year.

Melania Trump is a goddess. She's one of the most beautiful women in the world and I'm totally digging her jewelry on QVC. But holy shit. The bangs are not working. Abort immediately. And tell that ass of a husband to smile once in awhile. These pictures are before the dinner, so before Obama gave him an ass whippin. Maybe he knows what's to come.

And I leave you with this delishiness...just for Lady LaLa.


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