Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Funday

Actually, its not really a "funday" if you have to be at work. But let's take the lemons and make them into lemonade...which we will put into some sweet tea vodka. Here are some thing's I am loving this week. And while the quest is still on how to put a video into this thing, I finally figured out how to attach a link. You're welcome.

Bon Iver: His music is a melancholy symphony of tears and broken dreams. It's like my life. I'm so into it.

Neko Case: this song, Hold On, was on AMC's The Killing this weekend (are you watching??).

I'm still really into The Killing...and I am in deep trying to figure out who the hell killed poor Rosie. But I'm caught up still with the fact that a guy running for mayor would have campaign cars. He isn't Bloomberg, so I don't understand that. Thoughts? We need some comments up in here.

Game of Thrones...which I'm almost embarrassed to admit. I blame Benihana for my nerd rage on Sunday night. I'm most caught up in the children of the corn-type story. That girl is preggers? Y'all, I didn't see that coming.

South Riding...another Sunday night show on the PBS. Its a Masterpiece Theatre production, so after Thrones I feel like I'm getting some class back into my life.

The Good Wife...holy lord, y'all. This is really heating up. If Will and Alicia don't get some kind of action though, I'm going to die. I really think Josh Charles is insanely attractive and this kind of bad guy/good guy shtick he has going just melts my black heart. But I think the real stand out this week was Alicia's husband played by Chris Noth. Wow...did you see how quick he turned on her? Saying there were 3 of them in a marriage after he'd been out banging hookers and smoking weed. I would have gone carnival freak show on him. Seriously. I would have scratched his eyes out.

As much as I hate (and I mean HATE) Kristin Wiig, I really want to see Bridesmaids. Anyone interested in seeing with me??

Still waiting on that Firefly drink....


maria said...

I love The Killing and love it even more after you explain it to me. And love Good Wife but Will needs to find someone with less baggage than Alicia. Sorry Bunny.

Marie said...

I'm game for bridesmaid movie. we're loving the game of thrones ... at elast until true blood's back. need explanation on most other references as i'm socially retarded. :) love you RED. Mandana

maria said...

btw...LOVE LOVE LOVE that Neko Case song.