Sunday, May 22, 2011

horse country afternoon

A weekend without any social engagements was supposed to be spent packing the apartment (don't worry kittens, I'm not going far) and cleaning.  But that damn E! television and their running of Sex and the City non-stop destroyed my Saturday.  I sat down briefly to watch the "american girl in paris" episode and two hours later got off the couch to hit the gym. So I didn't get much done.
Sunday, The Grand Duchess and I, took off for Middleburg, VA.  "TGD", as she will further be known, is obsessed with horses - particularly hers, Chadwick - and has been riding for years.  Middleburg is about an hour outside of DC and a world away.  You almost don't even realize you have entered into tranquility until you realize there are no sirens, no buzz of the helicopters, no traffic due to motorcades.  Just silence.  And some of the most beautiful country you will ever see.  Middleburg is the playground to some of the wealthiest familys in the area - Melons and Kennedys, real estate developers, old money - and is where the most serious of the horse people ride.

After watching TGD strut her stuff on Chaddy we went to the next town, Upperville, for a delicious British pub style lunch.  We drove back to the burg for some shopping in some of their adorable shops. We just happened to stop into Lou Lou Too when I saw this...

it looks amazing in person
 YESSSSS!  A knock off on the Chloe Marcie bag.
Now, normally I am not one to buy knock offs of any sort or size...and my credit card bill will attest to that fact. But this...well this just HAD to come home with me...and of course TGD is never one to talk anyone out of a handbag purchase.  So home it came! And I can't wait to strut it...especially in front of my boss who dropped a cool $1600 for the real thing.  Sucker.

Much love to The Grand Dutchess for her friendship, her wisdom, her stubborness, and her "maternal" instinct.



Anonymous said...

"Les chaussettes de l'archi-duchesse, sont-elles sèches ou archi-sèches?" (The socks of the duchess, are they dry or extra-dry?) ... I thought of this when I saw the reference to TGD (a title I will wear with much pride). The co-leader/oufitter used to make me say it during long rides in the French countryside.
ta deusieme mere et TGD

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typo... Je voudrais ecrire "deuxieme"