Tuesday, May 17, 2011

what if we were to suddenly have good timing...just for an hour...what would that look like?

SQUEEEEEELLLLL! I had been waiting a whole miserable week for the Good Wife and Josh Charles to return. And last night did not disappoint. I tried to write the post while watching the show, but I was taking attention off of Josh and that wasn't going to work. Then while reading over it this morning it didn't make much sense. Sentences like "whooo love that" don't mean much in the daylight. So I'm going to try and salvage what I wrote last night and add some more now that I've thought about it.

I thought the episode in general was pretty good. I liked the story line, though the whole time I was yelling at the tv "just go makeout already!" I thought it was introspective into Will and it made me a little sad. The way he longingly looked at the husband, wife and kid in the court room. The sudden flash of realization that maybe he had chased the wrong priority in life. And when he told Alicia "women like me until they discover the real me", it broke my heart. The other thing that broke my heart was the GIANT tornado warning that was flashed over Will's face during the bar scene. Damn weather men. I also thought the 'proposition' scene was fantastic. But it made me laugh how there were no rooms available, then the full elevator, then the elevator that had every floor pushed. Every time those doors opened you could see Alicia starting to think of the ramifications. It was excruciating. I was so happy that Will just jumped her. If it wasn't for the tornado warning I would have watched over and over again.

some random thoughts...

Brother Owen is back! Yeah! He's the only person on the show that can make Alicia think 'what if'. Eli is back! Yeah! I love the relationship Alicia and Eli have had over the past couple of seasons...from a mutual hate to a mutual respect relationship. And you know his head is turning about trying to run Alicia for political office. When the DNC guy laid out the plan, saying Peter was a "Kennedy" with her, you can see his whole career flash before his eyes. But I'm interested how they will blend the political/lawyer aspect next season.

The scene with Peter and Will where they were discussing chain of evidence was intense. Ooooh boy the tension. Peter looked so large and in charge compared to Will (didn't he look small there??) and I still can't figure out if he wanted to screw Alicia or Glen Childs.

Can someone please explain Galinda to me? So is she sleeping with men or is she sleeping with women? I wish for two consecutive shows that they would make her the same sexual type. And for the love of god, please change her outfits. What is with the boots??? And Cary - one week he is great, the next week he's a little weasel. I also wish I could figure out what his absolute hatred for Alicia is. I get it that he thinks she was sleeping with Will, but really dude let it go.

Did anyone else see the black screen with voices after the credits rolled? The conspiracy theorist at work seem to think Will and Alicia are being recorded, but I think it was probably the news with a weird feed. Thoughts?

4 months until a new episode...le sigh.


Mrs. Bunny Charles

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maria said...

fantastic episode. aside from the last few minutes with alicia and will which were AWESOME...my fave scene was galinda's expression when she realized she had once again slept with a married person.